An Instant way to digital conversion

Instant Sales

Pay-Per-Click is a rapid way to sale products and services instantly by showing ads.

Quick Leads

If you are looking for some leads regarding anything PPC could be the key to success.

Ads Ads Ads

PPC is the fastest way to promote your website, you got charged only when someone clicks.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for instant conversion

Search engine marketing is one of the cruicial strategies of pay per click marketing where advertisers only pay when customer click on the ad. There isn't any price charged by search engines for the impressions shown.

Google Ads (previously known as Adwords) is the top performing search engine marketing platform on the Internet. Bing ads and Yahoo ads are also one of the SEM providers.

Pay Per Click campaign, bid, and Keyword strategy

PPC campaigns aren't easy to manage due to the chaos created by the instant conversion results. Only an expert can handle a successful PPC campaign that end up with conversion.

Bid startegy is a approach to show a well performing and relavance ad on the top, as we all know a clever bidder always wins the deal.

A niche keyword strategy with a good quality score is plus to show ads on the top even if the bid is smaller and here the expetise plays role.

Display advertising for brand awareness

When it comes to brand awareness we all know brighter the diamond higher the price, so the Display Advertising is a PPC approach to promote businesses rapidly.

We use ads on the other websites to promote your products, services and offers.

How our PPC experts would help you with ads

Infotech Mitra team of PPC experts are certified from Google, Bing and other search networks so every effort of pay-per-click here would be end up with the conversion.

As your money would be only spent for the clicks you will get from the PPC campaign, it is a right choice as a marketing effort.

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Brand Consideration
  • Brand Awareness
  • Website Traffic
Hire a PPC Expert

Google Ads

More than 5 billion people use google for search practices, that's why it is a right platform for your ads.

Microsoft SEM

Bing is a powerful search engine, so the marketing opportunity here can be used as second SEM effort.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion is the core concept of any digital marketing efforts, so it is must to optimize it accordingly.


PPC strategy would contain the retargeting marketing approach to target people by their search behaviour.

Why we PPC

PPC is the platform where we get customers who are often ready to buy so the competition is high as well, for this only a good PPC strategy would servive till conversions.

Client's satisfaction is our first priority and we feel tremendous when you get a conversion through our PPC campaign efforts. We create ads with a very good quality score and a proper bid strategy which could get the conversions.

We won't stop until your PPC campaign gets the right conversion and so our team continuously make efforts in analytics, optimization and management.