Enhance your online presence on social media networks

Brand Strength

Ability to recognize a brand image as well as products and services offered by your company.

Social Strategies

From creating engaging content to focusing on the networks to engage more with your audience.

Lead Generation

Targeting right demographic on social media networks to an instant lead generation.

Connect Audience

Social media is the right platform to connect with audience and engage them frequently.

Spread social media presence.

Here at Infotech Mitra, social media team of media analyst and digital creators, find out every possible way to spread your online presence across most popular social media platforms. We do create highly engaged content, and promote the organically.

  • Brand Awareness

  • Target Audience

  • Online Visibility

  • Customer Engagement

  • Demographic Leads

SMO to increase online visibility.

SMO, well known as social media optimization is a very great way to increase the online visibility of any business, individual or organization. Our social media team creatively works to engage your audiences on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest etc.

  • Keyword Strategy

  • Hashtag Research

  • Social Media Mentions

  • Content Curation

A team of digital creators

There was a time once companies used social media as a secondary platform to just for profile build up. But, when the technology switched over mobile first approach the social media took a very sharp role for online presence.

Our effort is to maintain your online visibility across social media networks and use organic tactics to increase the brand strength, engage the audience, and use retargetting approach for lead generation into conversion.

Discover more about SMO

More about SMO

Infotech Mitra is emerging as one of the best SMO companies in Delhi, We offer reliable SMO services in Delhi and over the world.

Social Media Optimization

Brand Awareness

Infotech Mitra team will help your business name to convert in a brand, by educating people about your products and services, that large number of people could recognise your business.

  • Socialization

  • Content Strategy

  • Social Engagement


Connect Audience

Social media is a place where we could find large amount of your audiences, who might be seeking and one of them could be your paying customer all we need is to connect them.

  • Social Mentions

  • Hashtag Optimization

  • Direct Approach

Search Strategy


Generate Social Lead

Social media approaches can give us very tremendous lead generation process, as we all know one viral content can engage millions of audiences out there.

  • Page SignUps

  • Product Offers

  • Content Polls

Our SMO Packages

Pick the Best Package Which Suits You

We have customized our SMO packages into some categories that would help you to choose the best suitable plan according to your business needs and reliability.


Per Year

  • 5 Weekly Posts
  • Weekly report
  • Ads integration


Per Year

  • 10 Weekly Posts
  • Weelky report
  • Ads integration


Per Year

  • 15 Weekly Posts
  • Weekly report
  • Ads integration


Per Month

  • 20 Weekly Posts
  • Weekly report
  • Ads integration